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"An Eclectic Focus"

Most of my formal training in art stems from studying architecture in the early 1960s at Pratt Institute in New York City. Courses included free-hand drawing, perspective, color theory, composition, and other training that was directly transferable to photography.

The training at Pratt Institute opened my eyes to the art world in general.

My interest in photography grew more serious when I was in the US Army and stationed in Heidelberg, Germany, from 1966 to 1968. While there, I was able to use the Army photo lab where I developed my own film, printed enlargements, and mounted the photos. To get the best of both worlds, I used two Pentax Spotmatic camera bodies with three interchangeable lenses. One camera body was used for color film; the other was used for monochrome film.

Interestingly, I learned a tremendous amount about photography by reading National Geographic where the photography is first-rate and appealed to my interests.

Most of my working life was spent in information systems. (We used to call it data processing.) I retired in January of 2006 and now have more time to devote myself to pursuing my love of photography.

Just as architecture is a wonderful blend of art and engineering, photography has proven to be a wonderful blend of art and clean technology. In the old days, there were many chemicals that were used for the processing and printing. Today, digital photography is “green,” yet it provides the same latitude as the old processes.

People have asked me what kind of photography I do. There’s no clear answer. To me, the image and the feeling count, not the genre. I see wonderful images in a variety of places, so I would not like to be restricted to a single format or category. Over time, my photography has evolved and is still evolving as I develop new concepts and see things with a different eye. The journey is exciting and rewarding.


Great photography is on a par with any of the other fine arts.

The photographer must use multiple skills to express a vision using, as a basis, the raw material that is supplied by the camera. The photographer has to be in the right place at the right time, often inconveniently, and must use all available artistic skill to catch a fleeting instant whereas an artist in another medium can conjure any image regardless of whether it truly exists. For the photographer to capture a great image, the skills of seeing the composition, the lighting, the emotion, and meaning of the moment must be ever present. Further skill is needed to enhance the image to produce a result that is truly spectacular. Additionally, the subject matter in a photograph often must be of greater interest than the subject matter in another medium.

Photojournalists have additional restraints; their images must be completely accurate to what was recorded in the camera (with allowances for brightness and contrast within the image.) Photographers who express their work as art should have no more restriction than any other fine artist; they must be free to produce their art as they see fit.

It is my intent to produce images that speak to me on an artistic level; images that please me both artistically and intellectually. It is my hope that others will derive similar pleasure from my work.

My work is also featured on and Fine Art America

Ken Harvey Photography is registered with the New Hampshire Secretary of State.
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